FreedomLine 24

Welcome to banking at your fingertips with PBK's FreedomLine 24 automated voice response system. We've designed  this 24-hour telephone access service to give you information about your accounts at your convenience; from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you may be. FreedomLine 24 gives you access to a full array of information about your accounts and the ability to conduct certain transactions safely, easily and conveniently. Using FreedomLine 24, you may access information regarding:




Account Information:

  • Checking balances
  • Last five checks paid
  • Specific check clearance
  • Direct Deposit received
  • Last 3 deposits received
  • Interest earned on checking account
  • Savings deposits and withdrawals
  • Interest earned on savings
  • Certificate of Deposit interest earned
  • CD maturity dates
  • Loan balances and payment dates
  • Transfer Funds, requires activation.
  • Interest Rates
  • Change your Personal Identification Number

Instructions on how to use FreedomLine 24:

First Time uses call 606-365-7098 and ask to speak to a Customer Service Representative for information on getting started with the Freedom Line.

1. Dial 1-800-947-7051

2. Have your account numbers ready and when you call.

3. Follow the instructions of the automated attendant to select:

  • Press "1" for account information Checking - Savings - CD - Loans
  • Press "2" for Funds Transfer
  • Press "3" for Interest Rates CD - IRA - Checking - Savings - Loans
  • Press "4" for General Information
  • Press "5" to change your PIN
  • Press "0" to receive information on how contact  a Customer Service Representative.

Note: All calls into the FreedomLine 24 system will try to match the number you are calling from with a number the bank has on file for you. If the system is unable to confirm a match you will be prompted to enter in your birth date before access is granted. This is just another precaution the bank has taken to help ensure the integrity of your information.